Project description

With voxyflow, you can measure the concentration of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, humidity, the temperature and the air pressure. These values are stored in a database. It is possible to retreive the information and display them in a graph.

Our Product is segmented in two parts: on the one side the Voxyguard, it's made of the microcontroller, the sensors, the alarm and the app. On the other side is Voxyflow, it contains more alarm features, the webserver and international standardised interface for the room ventilation.

The measured data can be shown on the display of voxyflow, also on a PC, Tablet or a Smartphone. The evaluation takes place on the HTML-Client with an additional export function of the data.

To implement voxyflow into classrooms we created an appropriate version of it. This version does not only provide information about the parameters of the air, but also an acoustic signal when the air quality gets too worse. If this signal rings, the room should be ventilated immediately. This function is connected to a digital clock so you can read off the condition of air quality and time.

The Voxyflow team consisted of 6 members from the 4AHITN class.

Teamleader: Christian Eder
Projectleader deputy: Lukas Kindig
project employee: Michael Hollaus
Daniel Steinkogler
Michael Wurzer
Project manager: Julia Zarl
DI. Stefan Zauner
Mag. Sandra Handlgruber

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Our project is thankfully funded by the Internet Privatstiftung Austria.


Our Hardware will be published under the CC BY-SA License.
The Software is licensed with the General Public License (GNU).

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