Network plan

In the network plan you can see the most important work packages of our project planning. Currently there exist three measuring stations which will be placed in the forests soon. The measured data will be sent to a Raspberry Pi, which forwards the rehashed data over High Speed Packet Access. An Udoo Quad Mini-PC acts as a server with a SSD-drive in our technical college with special focus on IT. It needs less than 7W power with the volume in permanent operation. Besides the current homepage, which you look at now, there runs a database for the visualization of the measured data, a VPN and a SSH server.



The circuit diagram and the board where produced with the program EAGLE. For a 100mm x 80mm and a non-commercial use canvas this circuit diagram is free. First step was the creation of a circuit diagram in a circuit diagram editor. Afterwards a board was created by a layout-editor where every component has been set manually.

The board is used for the basic concept of the circuit board creation. On the upper side, red lines are used and on the other side blue lines are used. Green Elements are connections between the red and blue lines.

The German company Fischer Leiterplatten GmbH produced the print circuits for the prototype. All printed circuit boards are produced by the data of the EAGLE-Boards. A reversible circuit board were used for the prototype.


Measuring station

The basic idea was to create a simple and low-cost case, which protects the prototype against all weather conditions for example snow, rain, etc. It also should protect of insects. To get realistic values, the airflow in the pipe is very important. Furthermore the case needed the same dimensions than the Raspberry’s and Prototypes. Finally the project team decided to use a PP-pipe with a length of 50cm and an inner diameter of 7,5cm. The pipe contains of a straight and a 90 degree curved pipe to safe the circuit board of wetness. The end is closed by a lid.


ForestGAMP - App

The target of the App “ForestGamp” is to measure environmental values in different forests in which measuring stations are placed, to create a graphical and visual Surface and to inform the user about the thematic “climate change”. The App is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows-Phone. Recently graphical improvements, especially for Windows-Phone and iOS, were made. To achieve the target the Application consists of following functionalities:


Station selection

Live values


Detailed value-view

Climate Information

save the atmosphere

Data visualization

At the top there is the fixed menubar, there you can set which graph you want to see. Right below the menubar there are 7 labels, these labels show the 7 different values, measured by the set measuring station. But the values in the main-content is the most important data.
There the data is represented via ChartJS (graph-painting API). To draw a graph in HTML5 you have to include a JavaScript library, for example: AMcharts, Google Charts, ChartJS or CanvasJS. For the data evaluation, we used CanvasJS.
Every graph will be loaded and shown, as set up in the menubar. The created CanvasJS element will be embedded in a DIV-Container this container is designed with CSS3 in the file "MainDesign.css".


Get in touch with us

You can reach us as follows:


Our project is thankfully funded by the Internet Privatstiftung Austria.


Our Hardware will be published under the CC BY-SA License.
The Software is licensed with the General Public License (GNU).

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