ForestGAMP – Network for capturing climatologic Data our forests

Project description

Our project deals with the change of our climate. Currently the leaf trees in our forests store a part of the ejected carbon dioxide. Consequently, this leads to an assimilation of the leaf structure. Thus the opening hours of the stomata of the leaves change. This causes a mutation of the amount of the humidification and affects our climate at our latitudes. This is a current research area. Through the day carbon dioxide, temperature, air pressure and the amounts of light intensity and UV-radiation in the woods will be measured. Therefore, we develop various measuring stations in corporation with the state-owned woods in Austria for different locations where the data from these stations will be resided centrally in a database of a server in our IT-HTL. The measured data and the analysation will be published respectively on a homepage or via web-app. In the future our measured data should be included in research projects about the latest humidification conditions and the relationship of the carbon cycle in the forests. In order to retain the ecosystem forest research parameters will be delivered.

Importance for the internet in Austria

The measured data of the measuring stations could be perceived on a website and via web-apps. Research institutes have a high interest in the data regarding to the climate changes. Furthermore the population can have an overview of the impact of the greenhouse effect and the healthiness of our woods.

How the result will be offered to the public

The real time and the recent measured data will be visualized via a database over HTML5 in an accessible homepage. The website provides the data for all research facilities. Further a web-app part about climate protection is created especially for educational establishment of primary and secondary stage.

Regional political aspects

The caused climate changes impose challenges for the cultivation of the forests. Adaptation strategies will be necessary for the preservation of the leaf trees and the consequences for the wood production, biodiversity- and protective effect.

Our assignments:


Construction of several measuring stations for using in our woods.


Programming the microcontroller
Webserver and databases
App development and datavisualization

Print & Video

Creating posters and an information video


Generation of a dynamic website for representing the measured data

Block diagram:

Our project is year- and interdisciplinary.
We try to bring knowlege from several areas in our project togheter.

  • Media Technology
  • Software Engineering
  • Hardware Engineering
  • Natural Sciences
  • Electronics
  • Languages: English & German
  • Database Systems
  • Project Management


Vienna, April 22, 2016 Heldenplatz – Die lange Nacht der Forschung

A group of students of IT-HTL Ybbs was invited by the Austrian Ministry of Science to present their studies in the context of “Die lange Nacht der Forschung” directly in the heart of Vienna, right in front of Hofburg. The invitation is the result of the glorious victory of the project team “voxyflow” in the context of the contest “Österreich sucht die Zukunftsidee”, which was organized for hobby researchers last year. The encouraged students presented „voxyflow“, which measures the air quality in class rooms and provides fresh air, and ForestGAMP, a network collecting climatologic data of Austrian forests. We are very proud that the Austrian Minister of Science Dr. Reinhold Mitterlehner paid a visit to our exhibition stand showing deep interest in our studies and projects.

Mostviertler Schul-Innovationspreis

ForestGAMP – a Network for capturing climatologic Data our forests – reached the first place in the special category environment/technique at the 9th Mostviertler Schul-Innovationspreis. The innovative measuring stations were produced in cooperation with the Austrian federal forests. The team was awarded with a special price, carrying a purse of 1500 Euro. Additional 1000 Euro were handed to the IT-HTL Ybbs/Donau. Thank you for supporting our project!

We work for the nature

Our Team

We are students of the IT-HTL Ybbs an der Donau

5 team members from the 5AHITN and one team member from the 5AHITM

Christian Eder

Teamleader, Hardware

Daniel Steinkogler

Projectleader deputy, Software

Markus Lindner


Michael Hollaus


Michael Wurzer

Server, mikrocontroller programmer

Raffael Schmelzenbart


6 team members from the 4AHITM

Isabel Weise


Jakob Schachenhofer

Projectleader deputy

Rafael Hochedlinger


Florian Haubenberger

Design, video

Klaus Siebeneicher


Clemens Seiberl


DI Stefan Zauner

Project manager

Mag. Sandra Handlgruber

Project manager


Get in touch with us

You can reach us as follows:


Our project is thankfully funded by the Internet Privatstiftung Austria.


Our Hardware will be published under the CC BY-SA License.
The Software is licensed with the General Public License (GNU).

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